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Why Choose CumulusOps. Consulting?


CumulusOps removes the complexity of designing, deploying and managing critical business workloads in the public cloud with software enabled services, ensuring operational excellence and expert guidance.


Managed Cloud Services two growing concerns for enterprises that have moved from proof-of-concept to integrating the public cloud into their IT strategy are “cloud sprawl” and complexity . Sprawl happens when companies begin to leverage the self-service nature of the cloud without figuring out how to operationalize security and governance to monitor the design, deployment and management of the public cloud environments within their organization. Leaders begin to ask, “Do we have the right process in place?” or “Are we spending too much?” and “Is it really secure?” With CumulusOps’s Managed Cloud you can rest easy knowing that your Managed Cloud has been designed, built and managed with industry best practices, expert technical staff and cutting edge technology.


Cloud Migration Services enables enterprise workloads to be migrated to the public cloud with little to no refactoring of the application. Our AWS Migration Services are led by AWS-Certified professionals that are AWS Certified Solutions Architects and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers.


Cloud Security Services offers a range of security strategies, services and tools to protect your data. We implement highly-secure access, managed firewalls, establish AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA), private subnets through Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), patching, and encrypt data as well as much more for your workloads. Additional services for highly-compliant workloads are offered, like intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and log management.

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